Tunnel competitions and the start of my boogie summer

So, first of all, what a cool competition in Belgium! CharleWars was totally epic and me and Karine placed second in the D2W competition. Girls kick ass 😉

I also ended up flying with the Finnish Sirius Fly team because one of the team members hurt his arm during the last training sessions. I learned their routine in 30mins and did all in all like 45mins of training with the team before the first competition rounds…but it all turned out really good and now we are heading to the Extreme Barcelona competition end of June with the same team! I am flying with Markku Tolvi, Pekka Lavila and Kimmo Vaahteranoksa.

My favorite boogie went by too. Five days of sunshine and a lot of smiling skydivers. X Games Freefly Boogie was a cool event once again and I am super happy that I got to bring two of my Turbolenza teammates Fabian Ramsayer and Rafael Schwaiger over to coach some cool jumps for the participants.

Lauri Aapro was there too, with his camera. Here’s a shot from his point of view. Looking forward to the video!

x games

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