Next to Women’s Vertical World Record!

It is official. It’s autumn now. Call me a princess but it’s getting too cold for me to skydive so all the training in the sky for Women’s Vertical World Record is pretty much done. It’s time to charge the batteries (at work), take the gear to my rigger for yearly care and fly my arse off in the tunnel at Sirius.

Remember the Euro Record 2013 event in Spain I was writing about on my last blog update? YEss, record was made during the event, Sep 21st to be specific. Finnish freelyers very well represented, no less than 6 of them were part of 96-way formation. Heini Elo, Markku Tolvi, Thomas Wahlroos, Ode Siivonen, Ari Inki and Mauri Väistö. Congrats once again to all of these bad ass record holders!! For me this event was really good for big way training so no bitter feelings or shared tears J

Next updates will be more or less about the Women’s Vertical world record so stay tuned. It’s time to break some records again girls!!!

Here’s some pics from this summer.

It’s fun and sad  at the same time to look back at these pics. It was an awesome summer indeed!! Thank you all who I got to jump, fly, laugh, drink, eat, goof around and share the times with. I can only hope the next season will be as amazing! J

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