Milla Kuitunen

Woop woop woop!

As you may have noticed, new Women’s Vertical World Record exists now! Record breaking jump was made on Saturday, November 30th 2013 in Eloy, Skydive Arizona and it was 63-way. Womens Vertical World Record 2013 from Azure Freefly on Vimeo. I made it to Arizona a week before but I took first 2 days just to relax and flying […]

Next to Women’s Vertical World Record!

It is official. It’s autumn now. Call me a princess but it’s getting too cold for me to skydive so all the training in the sky for Women’s Vertical World Record is pretty much done. It’s time to charge the batteries (at work), take the gear to my rigger for yearly care and fly my […]

It’s the end of August already!

Boom! Time flies when you fly. Can’t believe it’s end of August already!! After one of the Finnish Skydiving (especially FREEFLYING) success stories, Freefly Playdate event, I headed to Norway iTrack 2013 boogie and then back to Finland for Parasale Skyfestival 2013. During Parasale Skyfestival we broke Finnish women’s RW record. New record is 42-way […]

Let’s go trackiiiiing!!!!

Hello hello! As expected so far this summer has been mega busy but über (it’s German way to say SUPERRRR) awesome! I have spent couple weeks in Sweden at DZ Gryttjom  June 10-14 our sweetest Swede friend Johannes Bergfors* invited me to Svenska Vinklar Gryttjom edition -event to lead tracking groups. The event was very nicely […]

Flying Chicks!

WooP! Just got back from Norway where I was organizing at Flying Chicks 2013 event. Check out some pictures of Flying Chicks (photos by John Kristian Dahl). As soon as boogie video comes out I will share the link here! Right now it’s raining outside but it’s ok because small rest is not a bad […]

WVW Record DONE!

YAY! First official training camp for the WVW Record is done. I’m very happy and must say AMAZED how much new tricks and information an old dog like me can actually learn and absorb in just 3 days! Wow and yesss! Thanks goes to Amy Chemelecki, Sara Curtis and Melanie Curtis. These women are not […]

Welcome to my Skyxperience blog everyone!

HELLO! Welcome to my SkyXperience blog everyone. I will keep you guys posted about my journey toward the Women¹s Vertical World Record 2013 (WVWR 2013). This blog is all about my skydiving events, training jumps and wind tunnel training. I’ll probably end up writing about some other stuff too but we’ll see what happens 😉 […]