Inka Tiitto

From Russia with love

From Russia with love! Halihop Titanium – myself and Karine Joly flying a dynamic routine. This picture was captured by Lauri Aapro at Flystation during our training for the Charlewars D2W competition.   A lot of stuff has happened since the last time I wrote here. First of all I moved my stuff to Empuriabrava […]

Heaps of fun in Playdate 2013!

Kaboom! So we are done with Playdate now and I must say I am one happy boogiemama! Let’s put it this way – the level of skydiving in Finland has taken a huge leap forwards and it did show during the boogie and on the daytapes. And what is most important – the vibe was […]

Testing new tunnels

Home sweet home. I have now been in Finland several weeks in a row which is truly strange. The weather here has treated us good with temperatures close to + 30 degrees, endless sunshine and blue skies. I have already had two amazing skydiving events here this month. We kicked off June with the Genetix […]

Waiting for the summer!

Wow. It has been a hectic month! From Empuriabrava I went to Bedford where World Challenge 2013 took place in the beginning of April.  This year, dynamic 4way flying was a part of this event and there was six teams competing in that category. I t was awesome to be there to see the competition, […]

Last day in Empuriabrava!

This has certainly been an awesome trip of  a few weeks but hey, can you expect anything less of hanging at a dropzone that has a windtunnel right next to it? And sunshine is definitely a plus. Windoor Empuriabrava is the most chilled out tunnel ever. The tube is in the middle of a bar […]

Welcome to my Skyxperience blog!

I am Inka, proud member of Polte freefly team and one of the lucky bastards who flies with SkyXperience. My flying background consists of four seasons of skydiving and almost one and a half years of severe tunnel addiction. I work as a dance teacher, but my calendar is mostly full of tunnel camps, team […]